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Updated Edition of 'I Fear No Man' by Douglas Tidy who served with the Squadron in World War II

Currently the Squadron is responsible for fast-jet training, flying Hawks from RAF Valley, on the Isle of Anglesey, off the coast of Wales, under Squadron Leader Glenn Mason. Air-Vice Marshal 'Boz' Robinson, who flew with the Squadron, and is President of the Squadron Association, has written a Foreword to the new edition. The original edition, published in 1972, has a Foreword by 'Grid' Caldwell who commanded the Squadron in France in 1918, with 'Mick' Mannock, VC as 'A' Flight Commander. 'Sailor' Malan commanded in 1940-41 and continued the link with South Africa, starting with SE5a pilots Kiddie, Savage, Howe, Clarke, and Van Ryneveld in 1918. to John Howe who took over the Lightnings in 1954, with Jacques Kleynhans, 'Lofty' Lance, and Rich Rhodes to follow in the '60s. Doug Tidy served both with 74 Squadron and with the South African Air Force and is thus also a link.

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